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Thank you for visiting “Our Long Goodbye.”  I began my blog in July of 2012 and ended it in November of 2012, a few months after my mom died of Alzheimer’s.   I used the blog genre as a way to organize and make sense of the nearly nine years of notes I kept while my family and I cared for my mom throughout her illness.

In just those five months of blogging our story, I was lucky enough to have thousands of readers from over 50 countries around the world, perhaps a testament to how this disease is universal: people of all ethnic backgrounds, classes, and religions must face the difficulties of Alzheimer’s.  In the four-plus years since I stopped writing this blog, it has been read in over 90 countries.

You can skip around and read my individual blog entries—in fact I wrote them as “stand alone” pieces—but if you’d like to know the story from the beginning, please start here:

You can then read each post in sequence by clicking on the next post (a link is found just above and to the right of the current post’s title).

Our story is just one from the millions of families around the world who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Though I can only tell our story, I believe my family’s experiences with my terminally ill mother and my 87-year-old father may be similar to those of other families, stories that may or may not ever be told.  As I writer, I realize that I sometimes speak for those who cannot or do not record their life events, however mundane or momentous.  Please read on.


About Our Long Goodbye

I am a college teacher, tutor program coordinator, kidney donor, and dumpster diver / recycler extraordinaire. My stories, poems, and essays have appeared in Salon Magazine, Women’s Studies Quarterly, Journal of Developmental Education, The Wisconsin Academy Review, The Southwest Review, HipMama, Inside HigherEd, as well as other magazines and anthologies. I am the co-author (with Bruce Taylor) of Higher Learning: Reading and Writing About College, 3rd edition (Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2011) and a poetry collection, Love’s Bluff (Plainview Press, 2006). You can reach me at
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